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Magic Roller Automatic Activation Pet Ball

Magic Roller Automatic Activation Pet Ball

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Unleash the Fun with our Magic Roller Ball – The Ultimate Interactive Toy for Your Furry Friends! Get ready to embark on a pet playtime adventure that's filled with excitement, laughter, and pure joy. Our Magic Roller Ball is not just any pet toy; it's a dynamic and professionally designed toy that promises endless fun and entertainment for your beloved dog or cat. Elevate your pet's playtime and ensure they stay active and entertained with our Magic Roller Ball. This isn't just any pet toy; it's your pet's new best friend for endless fun and laughter. Don't miss the chance to brighten your pet's day. Order your Magic Roller Ball today and prepare to watch your furry friend embark on a thrilling playtime adventure that's bound to keep them engaged and entertained. It's time to make playtime magic happen!




Material: ABS 
Color: As shown 
Size: 8x8cm/3.15x3.15in 
Battery: 1 X AA battery (not included)


Packing List:
1 X Magic Rolling Ball Toy(without battery) 
4 X Toy Ball Bags (4 colors) 

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